About us

“Eco Baltia” is the largest environment management group in the Baltics in terms of net sales, the company provides full cycle of waste management starting with collection and sorting up to logistics, wholesale and processing of recycled materials. “Eco Baltia” environment management companies are successful household waste, construction waste and separated household waste, as well as other environment service providers to private individuals and companies. The Group includes environment management, collection of recycled materials and used packaging processing companies: “Latvijas Zaļais punkts”, “Eco Baltia vide”, “Eko Kurzeme”, “Jumis”, “Pet Baltija”, “Eko Pet” and “Nordic Plast”.

The Group services more than 45,000 clients in Latvia and abroad.  The Group companies are leading in their line of operations and large taxpayers in the cities and regions where they operate. “Eco Baltia” is a responsible and stable employer that cares for the welfare, professional development and labour safety of its more than 800 employees.

Shareholders of “Eco Baltia” JSC are UAB “BSGF Salvus”, which represents the largest private equity investment fund in the Baltic region “INVL Baltic Sea Growth Fund” (52,81%), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (“EBRD”) ( 30.51%) and Maris Simanovičs with 16.68% stake (via “Enrial Holdings” Ltd and “Penvi Investment Ltd”)

Vision: International smart environment company

Mission: To find a value in each and every thing.

•    Determination
•    Creativity / creative approach
•    Owner’s attitude / responsibility
•    Ability to see and use opportunities
•    Courage and initative